Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter, it’s said, is the best medicine. Even if it was painful, like in the first weeks after the surgery. However, laughing alone did not heal me and did not solve the problem; it could reduce my pain and allowed me to tolerate discomfort, anxiety and absence of my family…

It was a usual Sunday at the end of November; I went jogging in the morning and enjoyed the chaos with two little kids 🙂 I did not plan to prepare for Christmas in a hospital and it took me quite a long time to overcome the fear of pain after the surgery. But I knew that at some point I could go home. I will live my life like before or maybe more mindfully. Patients visited by the people from Red Noses are not always so lucky like me. I believe, they need the Red Noses organisation the most.

I was said, I had this problem with my intestines since I was a baby but they could not find it out. I always had stomach ache quite regularly but I was told it was due to excess of acid in the stomach. I adapted my diet and managed stress with the help of sport. Would have been better if they had found the real reason? I don’t know. According to Dr. Enders, I wouldn’t have been so stressed, like I was, as a child. With this 8 inch scar at 15 though, I probably wouldn’t have continued playing Volleyball. I would have missed the friends and experiences I got directly or indirectly thanks to my life ♥

I learned from this story that I always have the right for a second opinion and that I have to ask for help before it is too late. I am quite sure that stress was also a factor, which resulted in emergency. I had two kids every morning who should have been accustomed to nursery and to forest kindergarten and I got 5 courses running per week that time. On the one side, you might feel that it is too early leaving your baby (in my case a 1,5 years old toddler) at the daycare, on the other side, there are Moms with four or more children living your dream life without any complaint (supposedly). Stress can be dangerous, even if you don’t „feel“ it. The movie of Tully shows that too. It is definitely true: if Mom is happy, everyone is happy 🙂

I promised myself in the hospital to start a fundraising for a good cause. So if you want, you can also support the Red Noses by following the link to help them in the country you prefer:

Anything helps. Thank you for your support.

Smiling and giving hope!

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Beàta Jakab-Kiss
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